Do you have a neighbor or friend with an enviable outdoor area? Wouldn’t it be great if your porch or deck looked that nice?  Here’s the good news: It can. A well-maintained deck or porch is not only a great place to spend time, but it can also add curb appeal — possibly increasing your
The season is changing and you’re probably ready to get outdoors and enjoy the sunlight and cooler weather. But why should your fun have to end at sundown? With a few simple outdoor lighting updates, you can create a well-lit outdoor oasis. Not sure what will work best for your outdoor space? There are plenty
Woodwork can make any house feel more welcoming and luxurious. From floors and furniture to moldings and baseboards, wooden accents add character to your home — especially when it’s well cared for. But without proper care, even the most beautifully crafted woodwork can lose its luster over time. So what’s the best way to maintain
After a long, hot summer, you may be ready for the possibility of cooler temperatures ahead. But what about your home? If you haven’t prepared your household, the transition from summer to fall is the perfect opportunity to do so. Some preventive maintenance tasks you can tackle yourself. Others will require the help of a
Looking for something you can do to improve your home without embarking on a huge renovation? A simple, enjoyable improvement project — like sprucing up the exterior of your house — may be just the ticket you need to get outdoors and do something productive. On a budget? No worries. Even the smallest exterior touch-ups

What’s Trending in Home Design?

Bored with how your home looks lately? Before you start making changes, you might want to brush up on the latest trends in home decor. That way, the design choices you make today will be stylish but also more likely to hold up for many years to come. So what’s new in the world of
If you’re not an essential worker, you were probably unexpectedly thrown into working from home. And while that’s not necessarily a bad thing (bye-bye commute and business attire), an uncomfortable home office can certainly add to the stress we’re all under. Whether you’re in tight quarters or trying to work around children, how do you
Wish your house were a bit brighter? Or has the color of your kitchen really irked you lately? Now that you’ve been spending more time at home, you may have noticed a few things you’d like to update. On the bright side, it could be the perfect time to tackle those DIY upgrades you’ve been
The Power of Paint “Just a few key but relatively inexpensive updates make a dramatic difference,” says H. Camille Smith, a managing editor for And where better to start than with a fresh coat of paint. If there’s one thing we love almost as much as window treatments, it’s paint. A fresh coat of
Are you looking to renovate your kitchen this spring? If you are then you are in luck! The pros at Gambone’s CHI can supervise the entire process and help get it done for you while you and your family continue to live your lives the best that you can in these trying times. Here are