Ask people who have completed do-it-yourself projects and they’ll tell you that the projects took at least twice and much time and three times the money they thought they would. The basic reason is that DIYers usually make a lot of mistakes that end up making home improvement projects more expensive and time-consuming. Here are
Simple ways to add Joy to your home
Chances are that after spending so much time at home, you may be feeling a little burnt out on your surroundings. But just because you’re indoors more often doesn’t mean you have to feel that way. Your home should be welcoming and peaceful. Here are seven budget-friendly ways you can bring joy to your house.
Kitchen Island Design
Kitchen islands add a decorative element to the kitchen. They also add extra work and storage space. Space to store things and prepare meals is often lacking in kitchens therefore an island is the perfect solution to these problems. Some offer additional areas for cooking or an extra sink for cleaning up. There are designs
Bathroom Remodel
If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, it is important to have a list of questions ready and available before you hire a contractor and/or sign on the dotted line. Don’t worry if you are appearing insistent. Any respected contractor would not only answer your inquires – he or she would respect and welcome them.

Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Many of homeowners have hired contractors to do remodeling or improvements on their home only to find out the final cost did not match the original quote. Here are some tips to avoid this problem. Hiring a contractor to do work on your home is not always as easy as it sounds. Many people call
During the winter your home’s exterior can start to look a little drab. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right choice of plant life, you can create a garden that will provide eye-catching color and character year-round. Here are some plant suggestions that are both beautiful and hardy enough to survive

A Quick Guide to Water Softeners

Does your house have hard water? How would you know if it does? Hard water is high in mineral content, which can lead to calcium deposits that can be detrimental to plumbing and appliances. Signs include a filmy feeling on your skin, water spots on dishes and rings around the bathtub. So what can you
Feeling like your home needs a refresh? A new season is a great opportunity to clean and organize any messy areas in your house. And as you prepare for (even more) time inside, anything that you can do to make your space as cozy as possible is a win. To help you get there, we’re
Do you have a neighbor or friend with an enviable outdoor area? Wouldn’t it be great if your porch or deck looked that nice?  Here’s the good news: It can. A well-maintained deck or porch is not only a great place to spend time, but it can also add curb appeal — possibly increasing your
The season is changing and you’re probably ready to get outdoors and enjoy the sunlight and cooler weather. But why should your fun have to end at sundown? With a few simple outdoor lighting updates, you can create a well-lit outdoor oasis. Not sure what will work best for your outdoor space? There are plenty