5 Upgrades That Are Worth Your While

Whether you plan to sell your home or just want to boost its value, it only makes sense to pursue renovation projects that will pay off. However, not all upgrades carry the same weight.

Before you start your next home improvement project, you should know what trends are most popular with prospective buyers — and most likely to give you the best return on investment. So what exactly are people looking for?

Trim and Tidy Exteriors 

First impressions matter, which is why many homebuyers seek out homes with attractive landscaping. Make sure your lawn and gardens are neat, attractive and complement your house. Consider clean, easy-to-manage landscape designs.

Energy-Saving Windows

Attractive new windows not only add value to the home, but they also reduce energy costs. Replacing old, drafty windows can offer a nice boost to a home’s value. And if you don’t intend to sell, they’ll help lower your energy bill.

Bright, Beautiful Lighting

The moment they step in the door, home buyers expect to see ample lighting. A dark home can be dreary and unwelcoming. 

Windows and skylights are the best ways to get more natural light. You can also install additional functional lighting, such as kitchen track lights or dramatic chandeliers in living areas. Ceiling fixtures with fans are always a good choice for any room.

Modern, Clean Flooring

Updating flooring is a great way to add value to your home or add a personal touch. The return you get depends on the materials you use. Hardwoods can be more expensive, but buyers love them. Engineered flooring, laminates and tile can also work well depending on the room. 

Function and Order 

Home buyers always think about the amount of work they need to do. Small holes in walls, outdated paint colors or a broken baseboard can drop the value of a home. Keep those small fixes under control with regular maintenance. 

The right updates make a home far more attractive to would-be buyers. If you want to get your home in top shape, reach out.

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