Simple Ways to Improve Your Home


It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to make meaningful improvements to your home. Whether it’s for future resale value or personal comfort, there are numerous tasks to accomplish.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Clean and complete minor touch-ups.

Could your tile use re-caulking? Or are your baseboards getting a little dusty? A clean, well-maintained house will definitely feel more like home.

You may want to invest in one of those robot vacuums that you’ve always wanted or hire a cleaning service. Similarly, it’s a good time to replace the batteries in your smoke alarm and complete any needed touch-up painting.

2. Light with personality.

You can create any mood you’d like with lighting. Find fun lamps, chandeliers or other new fixtures to spruce up your home. Or simply replace all of your existing bulbs with high-efficiency bulbs to save money.

3. Refresh your hardware.

Your choice of faucets, knobs and pulls can significantly impact the look of your home. For example, stainless steel is synonymous with the sleek, modern kitchen, while aged copper has a more vintage feel. Updating or cleaning your current hardware is an affordable way to improve your space. You can find so many options here.

4. Add purposeful storage.

Reducing the clutter around your home could help reduce stress. Consider building shelving in unused space. And furnish rooms with two-in-one pieces, such as benches, ottomans or platform beds, that feature built-in storage.

5. Create pops of color or texture.

A distinctly patterned area rug or a set of colorful throw pillows can redefine a space. Plus, these items can be easily switched out based on your mood or the season. Houseplants, fresh flowers or dried flowers can provide color, texture and sometimes fragrance.

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