5 Ideas for Deck and Porch Improvements


Do you have a neighbor or friend with an enviable outdoor area? Wouldn’t it be great if your porch or deck looked that nice? 

Here’s the good news: It can.

A well-maintained deck or porch is not only a great place to spend time, but it can also add curb appeal — possibly increasing your home’s value.

Check out these ideas to make improvements, big or small: 

Introduce additional lighting.

Use lights to illuminate your space and create a friendly, welcoming environment for you and your guests. Fairy lights always add a festive touch, and path lights or garden spotlights can help create a more dramatic atmosphere. 

Plant the perfect shade tree.

A tree not only looks good but also offers some respite from the hot sun. Tulip poplars and weeping willows are popular, fast-growth trees to consider.  

Incorporate potted plants.

Decorative planters can go a long way as a focal point. Choose plants and flowers based on how much light the area gets and how much time you have for care. Experiment with color, size and shape.

Create more privacy.

Make your porch or deck more secluded by building a fence or lattice wall. You could also strategically position tall plants, hedges or shrubs.

Keep it colorful.

Along with flowers and plants, you can also add color with outdoor art such as playful lawn ornaments, whimsical water features or sophisticated sculptures. Outdoor furniture is another way to use color to set the mood. Patio umbrellas or porch flags are simple ways to make a statement. 

And don’t forget about paints and stains. A fresh coat on your wood deck livens things up.  

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