Simple Tips to Create Privacy Outdoors


How nice does a quiet outdoor area sound? If you live in a more crowded neighborhood, you’re less likely to a private outdoor space. So what can you do to create privacy outdoors without sacrificing comfort or functionality? From privacy fencing to living walls, here are some clever ideas and helpful suggestions.

Create a Tall Natural Border

Using greenery and other natural elements can be an affordable and attractive way to make your yard feel a bit more secluded. You could:

  • Tack a trellis onto an existing garden fence to add height and privacy without eliminating natural light entirely. Add fast-growing vines for additional color and coverage.
  • Fill empty wall space by incorporating shelving for moveable planters of seasonal flowers or herbs. This can be a great way to add color, texture and functionality without taking up valuable floor space.
  • Plant hedges around the perimeter to create a living wall. Other options include tall grass or bamboo, which can grow densely in the appropriate environment. Keep in mind these options can become invasive without proper maintenance.

Have a Fence Built

Fencing not only provides privacy but can also serve as a protective boundary for children and pets. While solid walls offer maximum coverage, they can overwhelm smaller spaces so it’s important to find a balance between privacy and natural light.

Timber fencing allows in more light and is less imposing than brick, blending into the surroundings more naturally. While timber fencing can be built with hard or softwoods, hardwoods are more durable and tend to last longer. Wood can also be dressed up with paint or stain.

A six-foot fence is ideal but make sure you check local ordinances for regulations regarding height and placement.

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