Pick the Right Paint for Your Rooms


You’re standing in the paint aisle, and your options feel endless. Color aside, there are so many finishes: glossy, matte, eggshell and more. All of the choices leave you wondering: Which is best for my home? 

More importantly, what paint type is right for each room?

The perfect color can transform an area, giving it just the right feel. But along with the right color, you have to pick the right type of paint. And that depends on the purpose of the room. Here’s what you should know:

  • Semi-gloss is sleek, radiant and shiny. It works well for high-moisture areas, making it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. 

  • High-gloss paint can make any room pop. Light-reflective and glass-like, this finish makes decor and furniture stand out. 

  • Flat or matte may be one of the more sophisticated choices. It’s non-reflective and concealing so it easily hides imperfections, making it the right choice for a bright room. 

  • Eggshell is all about versatility. It’s not quite shiny but has a luster — a popular middle ground between semi-gloss and flat finishes. It might be just the thing for your bedroom or living room. 

  • Satin paint is often described as velvety and adds a slight glow to the area. It’s great for rooms that need added depth.

Should you get water-based or oil-based paint?

The choices don’t end with paint finish. You can also choose between water-based and oil-based compositions. So what’s the difference?

Water-based paint is easier to apply and dries quickly, but it’s less durable than oil-based paint. The downside of oil-based paint? It’s less eco-friendly and can be tricky to apply. 

Your choice may depend on the surface you’re painting. For example, it’s common to use water-based paint for interior walls and oil-based paint for window frames and baseboards. 

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