How can you be a great neighbor?

You may know some of your neighbors well, others hardly at all. Regardless of your relationship with those in your community, it pays to be a good neighbor to everyone around you.

Fortunately, being a good neighbor is mostly a matter of being considerate, keeping your home in good shape and exercising common sense.  

A Friendly Face

A cheery “hello” can go a long way when you run into a neighbor. Offer to help with simple jobs like keeping an eye on a pet, cutting the lawn or shoveling snow. 

Property Maintenance

Your home exterior doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be well-kept. Little things — such as keeping the grass cut, clearing leaves or picking up toys and bicycles — are greatly appreciated. Keep lawns and gardens well-tended, with regular mowing and weeding, and seasonal maintenance.

Make an effort to keep your roof, gutters, windows and doors in good condition. Similarly, some exteriors need a regular paint refresh. Continued maintenance will help you avoid damage to your home and keep it looking tidy. 

If you have a more serious problem (such as a mold or insect infestation), get it taken care of right away.

Considerate Repairs

Schedule noisy activities, like repairs or remodeling, for regular daytime hours. Let your neighbors know in advance about anything that might be disruptive.

Pet Care

Clean up after your pet, don’t allow pets onto your neighbor’s property and try to keep noise to a minimum. Install a fence if needed. (Remember the old saying: Good fences make great neighbors.)

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