Dramatic Design Ideas for Your Home


Are you tired of bland or bright decor? Would you prefer something a little more dramatic?

If so, you’re going to love dark academia, the latest trend in interior design. An offshoot of a library- and intellect-inspired home design, dark academia is a moody twist on a timeless aesthetic.

But what does dark academia really mean? And how can you put this design trend to work in your home?

Dark Academia Explained

Envision a space filled with quirky vintage decor, such as an antique typewriter and volumes of leather-bound books. The walls are dark, saturated tones, contrasted by the earthy hues of the room’s traditional furnishings. The lighting is dim which adds to the ambiance and gives the room a cozy, intimate feel.

That’s dark academia design.

Dark academia can be used to add a touch of mystery and elegance to any interior setting. The dark color scheme can be intense but hides imperfections. And dark colors make a perfect backdrop for artwork, interesting furniture and other decor.

Dark Academia Design in You Home

Paint your interior walls with dramatic, monochromatic color — it doesn’t have to be black. Think moody, darker hues of charcoal gray, forest green, navy blue or burgundy.

Decorate with antique portraits, landscapes and illustrations. Mirrors and reflective metallic light fixtures can provide additional contrast and depth. Accessorize with quirky, vintage-inspired decor such as apothecary jars, candle holders and taxidermy.

Furnish your room with statement furniture pieces made of wood and leather. Complement them with chic, artistic, patterned rugs, accent pillows and throws. Use candles and dim lighting rather than bright overhead fixtures.

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