Cool Ways to Use Concrete in Your Home


We can’t blame you if you want your home to look good and hold up to wear and tear. Most of us want design options that are affordable and strong enough to hold up to daily use, but does that magic material exist? 

Luckily, you have an option that’s durable and chic: concrete. It comes in any color imaginable and lends a smooth, relaxed feel and appearance. Here’s how to put this trendy design element to work for you:


Concrete flooring can be used in most rooms. Pair it with wood furniture and warm colors for a natural look or liven it up with bright furniture and vivid paintings. You could also paint your concrete floors a color that complements the rest of your home.


Concrete is an ideal material for your sink, bathtub or vanity. It can give your bathroom either a rustic or modern look, depending on how it’s used. Keep in mind that concrete is inherently porous, which means you’ll need to seal it as soon as it’s installed and reseal it every one to three years to prevent damage.


Concrete can be much more affordable than marble or granite but it’s just as durable. The best part is that concrete looks good in most kitchens and pairs with both wood and metal cabinets.

Garden Furniture

Want yard furniture that can hold up to extensive wear and tear? Concrete benches and tables — even flower pots — are a solid choice. Benches can be made using both concrete and wood, or add tiles to a concrete bench or table for a splash of color in the yard.

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