4 Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2021

Want to give your kitchen an instant facelift? Add a pop of color to your cabinetry. These four colors, combined with the perfect textures and finishes, can give your kitchen a new personality.

Take a look at these kitchen cabinet colours for further inspiration.

1. Green

‘Lush and leafy greens are everywhere, from deep forest hues to subtle sage shades. This verdant palette has a fresh feel that ranges from soothing to vibrant. Pale peppermint, bright emerald or dark forest, the whole spectrum of hues works beautifully with wood, stone and natural materials. Add crisp white surfaces for a harmonious look.’

‘Botanical shades work well with natural materials such as wood, stone and metal. If your kitchen overlooks your garden, this palette will create a connection with the outside.’

‘Zingy emerald will add energy to a room; muted sage or greyish cactus hues will create a feeling of calm.’

2. Pink

‘From soft blush pastels to upbeat corals and richer tones of raspberry, fuchsia and cerise, these versatile shades look great in the kitchen. Give classic Shaker cabinetry a lift with a pretty pink unit that’s full of country charm. Less is more, so think petal pinks as an accent and use no more than three tonal shades in your palette.’

3. Grey

‘Grey is still very much the neutral of the moment and looks smart and crisp paired with white but can still benefit from a little extra color.

‘Whether it’s pale or slightly darker, dove grey is a great all-rounder. You can dress it up with silvers and metallic shades for a luxe look or keep it simple with natural colours and earthy textures.’

4. Blue

‘A fresh blue and white scheme may be a classic seaside combination but its popular appeal has spread far from the shore. Embrace the trend for deep muddy blues without fear of living in darkness by balancing with plenty of pale surfaces.’

‘White is the traditional accent to team with blue but to add more depth to the scheme try pops of chalky greys and taupes or warm things up with metallics.

‘Natural light or a lack-of can vary shades of blue enormously. South facing rooms enjoy lots of light all day long so maximize the feeling of space and light with a pale hue. In small spaces with little natural light embrace the darkness with a dramatic moody blue.’

‘Finally, to complete a colorful kitchen it’s essential to get your finishing touches just right to bring the entire scheme together. Metallic accents on your handles, taps and accessories can be matched or for a more fluid and expressive approach, don’t be afraid to combine a variety of finishes. 

‘From brushed brass knurled handles and taps, to bronze sinks and black lighting, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a truly individual colorful kitchen.’

Thanks to  Day True for their expertise in this feature.

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