4 Tips for Cleaning Up Household Clutter


Feeling like your home needs a refresh? A new season is a great opportunity to clean and organize any messy areas in your house.

And as you prepare for (even more) time inside, anything that you can do to make your space as cozy as possible is a win.

To help you get there, we’re sharing four tips for taking care of clutter — and keeping it out of your home in the first place. Let’s get to it.

Edit down your wardrobe.
Dresser drawers and closets seem to get disorganized quickly. Set aside a few hours to go through your clothes and remove items that don’t get worn or don’t fit anymore. Donate anything in good condition and drop off the rest at a textile recycling box.

Go paperless.
Is all that mail on the counter stressing you out? In addition to sorting through it and recycling what you don’t need, make a point of opting-in to paperless communications — a standard offering for most banks, utility companies and insurance companies.

De-clutter your desk.
Speaking of paper, are you really going to need your high school math notes or that three-year-old gas bill? Go through every desk drawer and folder and say goodbye to anything taking up space without serving a purpose.

Pick up some smart storage.
As you transition to fall, make a point to neatly store unneeded summer clothing and decor instead of just shoving it all in the back of your closet. Plastic bins, under bed storage, and baskets are all great ways to keep things out of sight without creating more mess.

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