4 Ideas for Improving Your Kitchen


Are you looking to renovate your kitchen this spring? If you are then you are in luck! The pros at Gambone’s CHI can supervise the entire process and help get it done for you while you and your family continue to live your lives the best that you can in these trying times. Here are some ideas for improving your kitchen!

Follow Family Lifestyle

First things first, consider the lifestyle that your family leads. What is your daily routine like? Do you have large gatherings? ( Not now, please remember social distancing :)) Do you cook or eat out more? Do you have young children or are they older? All of these could play a factor in your remodel.

Focus on Functionality

The next recommendation we have for you is to focus on functionality. Part of building your ideal kitchen is to think about what you would like to have in it, such as a kitchen island. This island can be both aesthetically pleasing and functionally satisfying. Consider your cabinets, whether you want pull-outs or a built in spice rack. Think about things that will make your kitchen most functional for you. The practicality of your kitchen design should be your top priority when it is time to sit down and plan your remodel, even if the work phase won’t begin for some time.

Make It Safer

Do what you can to make your kitchen safer. This step involves factoring inaccessibility as well as the layout of the walking paths. Non-slip flooring is also a great idea for cutting down on injuries from slipping, tripping, and falling. The kitchen is going to be the hub of your home, and the new design of the room should reflect that status.

Tie the Room Together

Finally, choosing different ways to help tie the room together. One idea is to focus on a flooring, make sure it flows from one room to the next. Another is to make any cabinetry in rooms that are adjoining match. For example, if you put all new cabinets in the kitchen and have built-ins in the family room that the kitchen opens up into, consider refacing those cabinets with doors that match your new kitchen cabinets.

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