2021 Home Improvement Goals


This year, wouldn’t it be nice to make updates to your house that you’ll appreciate daily? Last year it became clear how important personal home design is. So we’ve been thinking about projects that improve the safety, comfort or convenience of your home.

From simple do-it-yourself updates to more involved professional remodels, the options are endless but the undertaking doesn’t have to be. Here are six simple suggestions.

1. Clean your doormat.

Your doormat helps keep dirt and dust out of your house. But like filters, doormats function best when they’re cleaned regularly. For a quick home touch-up, wash your doormat with soap and water.

2. Add or update a home security system.

Are you the type to misplace your keys? Install a key less entry system and lose those front door keys for good. Just tap a code into the keypad or unlock the door using your smartphone.

3. Create a proper workspace.

Many of us had to throw together a home office rather quickly last year. Why not create a more permanent and welcoming area for working from home? A quality desk and a comfortable chair can help improve your day and your productivity.

4. Address humidity issues.

Does excess humidity have you worrying about mold and mildew? Extreme cases may require professional assistance. But simple ways to alleviate the issue include cleaning dryer vents and opening windows as often as you can.

5. Upgrade that old water heater.

If being last in the bathroom means you’re getting a cold shower, it might be time to switch to a tankless water heater. These models heat water on demand rather than storing it in a reservoir. Plus, they usually take up less space and help save money on energy costs.

6. Revitalize your outdoor space.

You can go big or small depending on your space and budget. Have you always wanted a firepit or brick patio? Turn your backyard into your own outdoor bistro with string lights, a patio table and chairs. Or reduce your grocery bills with an at-home vegetable garden.

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